Walk & Talk Therapy

Research has shown the benefits of being in nature for mental health include: increased confidence, a feeling of tranquility, and a sense of well-being and happiness.  Being in nature has also been shown to decrease aggression, depression, and anxiety.  Furthermore, there are documented effects regarding benefits to cognitive functioning--meaning an ability to think more clearly, and an enhanced ability to reflect on life's problems.  

Other than the research basis of Walk & Talk therapy, there are many reasons to have a counselling session outside!  For some people, it feels less formal and easier to engage in therapy in a natural setting, not facing someone and talking.  Or maybe you just want to be efficient and get in your exercise while working out some challenges in your life.  

Whatever your reason may be to engage in Walk & Talk Therapy, this option is available no matter the season (there are  snowshoes available to use in winter as well!) 

Photo credit:  Anneka Rode, Blue Feather Photography

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  

- Lao Tsu

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