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Koa Counselling is about counselling that works for you--whether that means processing life events by talking things out with someone who can listen, be present and not judge, getting perspective by having thoughtful questions asked, or engaging in therapy (such as EMDR, CBT, Buteyko Breathing, or hypnotherapy) which provides tools/strategies and facilitates real changes.


As people, we are so much more than "conditions", "syndromes", or "labels".  Understanding ourselves sometimes means finding a label for what we are experiencing, and sometimes it means getting past the labels to live a fuller life. 


What you can expect:

Sessions are offered  in-person at office with window views, or by video / telephone.  In my office I offer coffee, tea, water (regular and carbonated) and snacks.

The initial session involves some general intake questions after which we look at your goals. You always have choice--I present options, but you are in control of the process .  I work with your goals and help you find ways to achieve them.

My story

I love my work. I enjoy meeting people and hearing their story.  Or sometimes people don't want to tell their whole story, they just want tools and strategies to deal with life and relationships and that's good too.  I am experienced in working with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, goal setting, neurodiversity (ADHD/ASD), stress/burnout, and tackling the bigger questions in life, which involve finding meaning and purpose. I like to work collaboratively with my clients, giving them options on how to proceed to achieve their goals. I have used EMDR with clients who have experienced accidents, relationship breakup, religious trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing, isolating themselves (boundaries that push people away), and limiting core beliefs ("I'm not good enough", "I'm not lovable", "I can't trust anyone"). I am also a certified hypnotherapist, Buteyko Breathing Educator, and have trained in the Developmental Model of relationships, Emotion Focussed Therapy and the Gottman approach to working with relationships. My reseach in my studies was on the function of sleep and dreaming, and I enjoy working with dreams to gain insight on what's happening under the surface.

I come with a wide range of personal experience, having travelled through Africa, Israel, Europe, and Cental Amercia. I love learning about other cultures and have taken classes in the local nsyilxc?n language. I enjoy hiking, backpacking and canoeing trips, mountain biking, skiing, rollerblading, kayking, and snowshoeing. My path to becoming a therapist included working as a tree-planter for 7 years, I was a dental hygienist, then I attained my education degree followed by a masters in counselling and worked in the school system as a counsellor/educator. I then set up my private practice, first in Smithers and now in Kelowna. I have experienced significant loss  and trauma in my life, as well as many good experiences and deep connections, which have all contributed to my world-view. I love to get out in nature and find it inspiring and healing. I love animals. I am curious and compassionate, knowing that all we have is the present, and all we can control is ourselves and our perspective and attitude. And, I know that sometimes a good laugh is therapeutic too!

 Other than individual and couples counselling, I have given numerous  workshops on Trauma-Informed Practice, Wellness at the workplace, the Buteyko Breathing method, on Dreamwork, and other areas of interest in psychology. 

I am a registered CCC (Certified Canadian Counsellor with CCPA) with a Masters Degree in counselling. 

Extended benefits plans which cover my services (check your specific policy for limitations) :

  • Sunlife                                                                                

  • Pacific Blue Cross / Medavie Blue Cross

  • FNHA (First Nations Health Authority)

  • ICBC   (direct billing)                                             

  • Green Shield  (direct billing)

  • Equitable Life of Canada

  • Claim Secure

  • ComPsych (direct billing)

  • Manulife

  • Arete (direct billing)


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